AVAILABLE NOW:        Residential – None available at this time.   Commercial – None at this time. 

Outstanding Location

 In the heart of Deering Center Village, this new mixed-use development offers the best of village living within Portland’s urban city. Award-winning smartly designed, comfortable and affordable apartments are located in the center of this famously walkable neighborhood and above shops. 502 Stevens Ave, Portland.

6 Apartments & Availability

No 1BR/1B Apartment available at this time.

No 3BR/2B  Apartment available at this time.

 For more information, please contact 502DeeringCenter@gmail.com or 207-831-0651. Please also see the Apartment Brochure.


1A: Lecha Cafe Bubble tea, soft and hard ice cream plus dumplings

1B: Rythmia Health Direct Primary Care Clinic 

1C: Wild Child Tattoo Personal Art

For more information, please contact 502DeeringCenter@gmail.com or 207-831-0651.

Outstanding Project Award

502 Deering Center received a GrowSmart Maine 2018 Outstanding Project Award.

For More Information, see MaineBiz Article.


See Apartment Brochure

Four 1BR/1B, 540 sf

Two 3BR/2B, 1,170sf

Mixed-Use residential above 1st floor neighborhood shops

Spacious Open Plans feature projecting bays with large windows & abundant light.

High Quality Finishes feature high ceilings, hardwood & tile floors.

Comfort features include thermal & acoustic insulation, high efficiency heating, cooling & ventilation.

Free Off-Street Parking is reserved in the parking lot at the rear.

Site Features include Entries, Pocket Park, Pedestrian Walkways, Bus Stop & Parking. Learn More.

Pets: None

Please Contact Us at 502DeeringCenter@gmail.com or 207-831-0651

Location, Location.

Deering Center is the quintessential traditional American neighborhood. It is much loved as a family-friendly, walkable residential neighborhood close to downtown today, as it was in the 19th century when it was still an independent town. The neighborhood’s heart is its village center, a collection of businesses, services and institutions. 502 Deering Center is at the core of this village center, featuring traditional mixed-use with 3 commercial tenants and 6 apartments.


Walkability was the underlying pattern when Deering Center was first settled as an independent town. Today, there is renewed interest in car-independence and active living. Superb walkablity remains one of the outstanding features that makes Deering Center a premier Portland neighborhood. The advantages of living in a walkable neighborhood go beyond saving money, getting exercise and reducing pollution. People feel more connected to their community when they see neighborhood children walking to school or friends strolling to the local bakery

The Best of Village Living and Urban City.

Village living offers unique off-peninsula opportunities for a quality neighborhood that is walk-friendly to shops, dining, local schools, higher education (UNE), library, recreation and practice fields, dog walking, jogging, cross country skiing and much more – all at your door step.

In addition, village life is a convenient drive, bus or bike to work, leisure or cultural activities in Portland’s urban downtown – the same qualities that has made Deering Center desirable for 150 years.

Apartment living at 502 Deering Center offers a “live simpler” approach, with high value on options to auto dependency, such as a bus stop in front and bike parking.


502 purposefully created smaller-scaled studios and storefronts to provide opportunities for smaller and neighborhood-oriented entrepreneurs.

1A: Lecha Cafe offers a variety of bubble tea, soft and hard ice cream plus dumplings in a vibrant daily spot where Asian bubble tea traditions meet American decadent custard. Lecha Café is ideally located adjacent to Deering Center’s Pocket Park, and this pairing offers a neighborhood destination for meeting, seating and eating. 


1B: Rythmia Health Direct Primary Care Clinic provides community based medical care. The DPC model charges a fixed monthly fee for bundled primary care services. Rythmia Health DPC is designed for busy families, small businesses, and individuals who value a strong doctor patient relationship providing accessible, affordable and comprehensive services.

1C: Wild Child Tattoo Personal Art Clean. Custom. Creative. Home to Nominated Best Tattoo Artists in Portland, Maine. Five artists working in a collective studio. Visit www.wildchildtattoo207.com


Awards & Press

502 Deering Center received a GrowSmart Maine 2018 Outstanding Project Award. Smart Growth is based on principles that help communities welcome growth in established areas, while maintaining historic and natural assets, encouraging mixed use, diverse housing and transportation options, and community engagement.

For more information see Mainebiz Article.

Project Values

Contribute Value:

Social + economic activity = vitality


Of the hood, by the hood, for the hood

Mixed Transportation:

Covered bus stop + covered parking + walk friendly = reduce car dependency


Neighbor collaboration + shared driveway = pocket park

New Residents:

(6) units = economic & people activity

Pocket Park:

It takes a place to create a community and a community to create a place

High Standards:

Good neighborhood fit, set & meet high expectations for new development

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Please contact us for more information

Email: 502DeeringCenter@gmail.com

Call: 207-831-0651